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Hardware Products

Quality tools for flawless result

Elevate your construction projects to new heights with our premium Omega hardware tools and products. Our top-of-the-line paint brushes deliver flawless strokes, while sandpapers smooth surfaces to perfection. Tackle any cutting or drilling task with ease using our cutting wheels and drill bits. Our high-quality tapes, glue, and screwdrivers ensure secure fastening solutions. Achieve professional finishes with our buffing pads and polishing compounds. And don't forget our vibrant array of paints to make a lasting impression.


Discover the ultimate construction hardware materials for your shop and take your business to the next level.

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Omega Hardware Products Brands
Omega Painting and Finishing Tools

Painting and Finishing Tools

Consist of paint brush, paint roller, extension pole, paint tray, putty knife with handle, putty knife, cement trowel, and wall scraper

Omega Abrasives


Consist of waterproof sandpaper, advance sandpaper, ultra sandpaper, industrial floor sanding, and elite industrial floor sanding

Omega Power Tools and Accessories

Power Tools Accessories

Consist of cut-off wheel, grinding wheel, flap disc, strip disc, cup brush, diamond cutting wheel, concrete diamond cutting wheel, diamond cup wheel, multi-cutter circular saw blade, aluminum circular saw blade, TCT circular saw blade, high speed drill bit, reduced shank drill bit, multi-purpose glass and tile drill bit X-tip, masonry drill bit, SDS Plus drill bit X-tip, SDS Max drill bit, SDS Plus chisel, SDS Max chisel, HEX17 chisel, PH65 HEX30 chisel, flat wood bit, auger wood bit, forstner wood bit, and lock installation kit for wood

Omega Adhesives


Consist of masking tape, washi tape, cloth duct tape, aluminum duct tape, fiberglass mesh tape, double-sided attachment tape, seal tape, flashband, sealant, super nail, super glue, and threadlocker

Omega Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Consist of screwdriver set, allen wrench set, drive hand socket set, locking jaw pliers, aviation snip, hand riveter, wood claw hammer, utility knife and spare blade, hand saw, tape measure, aluminum level ruler, steel brush,

and caulking gun

Omega Cleaning and Polishing Tools

Cleaning and Polishing Tools

Consist of cable tie, microfiber towel, buffing pad and accessories, stretch film, polishing compound, solid compound (metal polishing soap)

Omega Pneumatic and Power Tools

Pneumatic and Power Tools

Consist of spray gun and accessories, angle grinder and carbon brush, cut-off machine, impact drill, rotary hammer drill, and circular saw

Omega Aerosols


Consist of spray paint with various color categories (i.e., standard, metallic finish, fluorescent, high heat, and chrome), waterproof spray sealer, and multi-purpose lubricant

Omega Paints


Consist of urethane paints, acrylic-based paints, NC-based lacquers, alkyd-based paints, epoxy-based paints, polyester body fillers, thinners, and latex


Sanitary Wares

Omega Sanitary Wares

Tradition of innovation

Omega Sanitary Wares realize the importance of continuous and meticulous creation of product lines that will both adapt to the changing preference and needs of its partners as well as sourcing high quality materials that will guarantee unquestionable durability and reliable functionality.

Omega Sanitary Wares

Unparalleled quality that is long lasting

Omega Sanitary Wares only create fixtures and fittings of high-grade materials, ensuring that each product delivers authentic and long lasting benefits and performance. Every product undergoes rigorous quality monitoring tests, making sure that standards are met.

Omega Sanitary Wares

Timeless design meets sophistication and practicality

Omega Sanitary Wares provides a diverse selection of designs and materials that perfectly blend functionality with aesthetics. Irrespective of the specific application and purpose, our clients have the freedom to select designs that align with their unique style, fulfill their requirements, and enhance cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Omega Sanitary Wares

Committed passion for sustainability

Built on its commitment to providing cutting-edge, well-crafted products, Omega Sanitary Wares adheres to environmentally conscious and ethically sound sourcing practices. Throughout the entire process, from initial concept to final production, the company prioritizes waste reduction and maximizes material utilization, demonstrating a clear dedication to sustainability.

Brass Series

• Faucets

• Valves

• Filter screens

• Couplings

• Floor drains

Plastic Series

• Plastic tap faucets

• Basin faucets

• Sink faucets

• Multi-function faucets

• Showers

• Bidets

• Valves

Stainless Steel Series

• Plastic tap faucets

• Basin faucets

• Sink faucets

• Multi-function faucets

• Showers

• Bidets

• Valves